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Coverart image of Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou nds

Game Information

Game Name: Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou
Original Title: ソウルイーター メデューサの陰謀
Genre: Action
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 2008-10-23


Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou is an Action game published by Bandai Namco Games released on October 23, 2008 for the Nintendo DS. The English patched version of the DS game is made by Anime Game Translations Team.

Game Trailer


Maka and Soul Eater, students of Shibusen who are to become fully fledged Meisters and Death Scythes. To complete this task, they have to hunt down 99 demons’ souls and one soul of a witch and feed them to Soul Eater. Due to their mistaking Blair’s identity at the start of the story, all their hard work came to a zero. Balance school life with training, you have to complete a certain amount to school work to avoid being kicked out. These school work help you raise your experience points and ability points, so there are good reasons to be avid learners. Make use of both direction buttons to move around and your touch pen to attack enemies. Design a course for your attacks and launch combos. Loyal to the anime, each character has their set of moves, but no matter who your meister is, when your synchronization rate with your weapon reaches a certain point, you can use sure kill attacks. Know the strengths of your characters when you adventure.


soul eater nds english
soul eater action

Patch Info:


Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou English Patched DS (Japan)
Download File Size: 22.4MB
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