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Coverart image of Metal Max 3 nds

Game Information

Game Name: Metal Max 3
Original Title: メタルマックス3
Genre: RPG
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 2010-07-29


Metal Max 3 is an RPG game published by Kadokawa Shoten released on July 29, 2010 for the Nintendo DS. The English patched version of the DS game is made by Metal Dreamers.

Game Trailer


Metal Max is a Japanese-style RPG set in the distant future where all civilazation is lost, and hunters must make a living by hunting monsters. It was first introduced in 1991 for the Famicom and none of the installments in the series were localized. In Metal Max 3, you play as a ginger-haired lad who has lost his memory after an accident. He is revived by a scientist, Dr. Minchi, who studies how to bring back the dead. Your goal is to recover your memory and hunt the Wanted monsters along the way. The series is known and recognized for its non-linear style of game-play, and is an incredible and enjoyable experience to play.


metal max 3 english
metal max 3 jrpg

Patch Info:

  • Version 1.0: June 23, 2020
  • Status: Complete, Fully playable
  • Credits: Metal Dreamers

This rom has reportedly wiped clean R4 SD Cards! The only way a solution will be found is if you report it.
Patch Maker discord: https://discord.gg/twfm3vU
Patch main programmer twitter: https://twitter.com/meunierd


Metal Max 3 English Patched DS (Japan)
Download File Size: 35.8MB
Google Drive