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Coverart image of McDonald's eCDP nds

Game Information

Game Name: McDonald’s eCDP
Original Title: クルトレ
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 2010-11-11


McDonald’s eCDP is a rare Simulation game developed by Nintendo and used by Japanese McDonald’s to train their employees, released on November 11, 2010 for the Nintendo DS. The English patched version of the DS game is made by TheHomebrewerGuy.

Game Trailer


The game teaches the player to make hamburgers and do various other tasks in a McDonald’s restaurant and was used to train new restaurant employees. It features several game modes and features, including simulations of food preparation and customer interaction, quizzes, player profiles for employees and managers, and performance statistics.

A single copy of the game surfaced in September 2020 on an online auction, which was sold to American YouTuber Nick Robinson. Robinson then uploaded the game cartridge’s image publicly online on November 17, alongside a self-created documentary detailing how he acquired it. This was the first time the game was made publicly available.


mcdonalds ecdp nds english
mcdonalds kurutore simulation

Patch Info:

  • Version 0.5 Alpha: November 25, 2020
  • Status: Work in progress
  • Released by: TheHomebrewerGuy

McDonald’s eCrew Development Program game. A very early Alpha patch, little is translated. Due to the high interest in this game you can expect updates soon.

  • Login Screen - 100% Translated
  • Title Screen - 100% Translated; needs cleaning up on the buttons.
  • eCDP Excercise:
    • Self-Study - Partially Translated; Checklist and Gameplay text needs some translating.
    • Self-Check - W.I.P; French Fry quiz 50% translated: Others still W.I.P.
    • SOC Guide - Coming in a later patch
    • Challenge the McDonald’s - Coming in a later patch
  • MGR Mode:
    • Button descriptions translated.
    • Translated Menu - Crew Entry - 100% Translated

All will change in another public alpha test.


This game requires some work to run. I’ll explain on DesMUME. Methods will vary on different platforms.

  1. Open DesMUME.
  2. Open .nds ROM.
  3. Go to File > Import Backup Memory…
  4. Point to the location of the .sav file.
  5. Select the 2nd option on the next window. select the second option for desmume
  6. Click OK.
  7. The game will reset. Click “Enter Password”.
  8. Insert 482500 twice (Insert button is at the bottom).
  9. Enjoy!

For those asking how to get things working on DraStic all you need to do is copy the .sav file to /storage/emulated/0/DraStic/backup and rename the .sav part to .dsv. this will get you up and running no problem. Hope that helps.


McDonald’s eCDP English Patched DS (Japan)
Download File Size: 111MB
Google Drive
McDonald’s eCDP Clean Japanese DS (Japan)
Download File Size: 111MB
Google Drive