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Game Information

Game Name: Love Plus
Original Title: ラブプラス
Genre: Dating Sim
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 2009-09-03


Love Plus is a Dating Sim game published by Konami released on September 3, 2009 for the Nintendo DS. The English patched version of the DS game is made by jjjewel. The game features three fully voiced main characters: Takane Manaka, Kobayakawa Rinko, and Anegasaki Nene.

Game Trailer


A second year High School student just transferred to Towano High School. Soon after, he joins the library committee, the tennis club and a part-time job at a family restaurant. In this game, you will meet three pretty girls at your high school.


love plus nds english
love plus dating sim

Patch version: v1.0n

One nice feature of this game is that it is fully voiced. All the conversations in this game, excluding your own character’s, will be voiced. (It’s a really good listening practice for those who are studying Japanese.) You can also choose how you want the characters in the game to say your name.


Love Plus English Patched DS (Japan)
Download File Size: 256MB
Google Drive