An explosive fire broke out at the animation production company, Kyoto Animation studio around 10:30 a.m. According to the city fire department, there were reports from neighbors that there was an explosion noise and smoke coming out from the first floor of the building.

fire at kyoto animation studio

On the other hand, according to the fire department, more than 30 people were injured, ‘several’ deaths was confirmed, and about 10 people became unconscious during the fire due to arson. The police have not stated the exact number of deaths.

There’s also an information that an adult man entered the building and used a gasoline-like liquid to light it. The police have secured the man’s identity. The man was in his 40s and admitted that he started the fire.

Based on the reports, about 70 people were inside the studio when the fire started around 10:30 a.m. The fire was finally put out nearly five hours later. On Thursday evening, fire officials found two dead on the first floor, 11 on the second floor, and 20 in the stairs leading from the third floor to the rooftop of the building. They found out that the rooftop door is closed, but it was not locked.

Police have not stated the names of victims but the number of deaths was revealed, 12 were men, 20 were women, and one was of unconfirmed gender. Anime music producer Suguru Yamaguchi posted on Twitter that director Naoko Yamada is safe from the Kyoto Animation studio fire.

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Kyoto Animation was founded in 1981, has around 160 employees, offices in Tokyo and Kyoto, and is behind numerous features and TV Series, including K-ON!, Violet Evergarden : the Movie and A Silent Voice : The Movie.

Sources: NHK, The Mainichi Shimbun