Enako at summer photo event

enako wearing swimsuit

The annual summer photo event, where gravure idols gather, was held recently on June 22 at Nerima, Tokyo. A total of 38 people, including Japanese cosplayer Enako, entertained more than 3,000 fans at the swimsuit photo event.

Famous Japanese cosplayer Enako, often referred as “Japan’s number one cosplayer” participated by doing a photoshoot wearing multiple swimsuits and even switching hairstyles for the annual summer photo event.

Enako is so popular even when she’s not cosplaying anime/manga characters, she is still attracting large crowds at events. Her income mostly comes from photo sessions, cosplay events, video live streaming, and donations from her followers.

Check out Enako on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Sources: Enako’s Twitter account, nlab.itemedia.co.jp