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Game Information

Game Name: Clannad
Original Title: クラナド
Genre: Visual Novel
Release Date: 2004-04-28


Clannad is a Japanese visual novel published and developed by studio Key and released on April 28, 2004 for Windows PCs and has been ported to different platforms including VNDS and Android.

Game Trailer


Okazaki Tomoya is a third year high school student at Hikarizaka Private High School, leading a life full of resentment. His mother passed away in a car accident when he was young, leading his father, Naoyuki, to resort to alcohol and gambling to cope. This resulted in constant fights between the two until Naoyuki dislocated Tomoya’s shoulder. Unable to play on his basketball team, Tomoya began to distance himself from other people. Ever since he has had a distant relationship with his father, naturally becoming a delinquent over time.
While on a walk to school, Tomoya meets a strange girl named Furukawa Nagisa, questioning if she likes the school at all. He finds himself helping her, and as time goes by, Tomoya finds his life heading towards a new direction.


clannad vnds android
clannad english vnds

How to add background music. You need to download the sound.zip file here, extract the file to the CLANNAD folder.


Clannad VNDS for Android
Download File Size: 58MB
Google Drive
VNDS Interpreter APK
Download File Size: 950KB
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